WiFi is a technology that connects personal computers, handheld devices (such as pdas and mobile phones) to each other wirelessly. With the rapid rise of smart devices such as smart phones, tablet computers, laptops and smart home devices, and the popularity of WiFi and mobile devices, wireless routers have become a necessary device for every family in the era of mobile Internet. As a result, every family needs to deploy WiFi network, and wireless routers enter thousands of households. In recent years, the rise of mobile Internet and Internet of things has shown explosive growth, and the market is quite broad. Moreover, with the popularity of 11ac wireless router, it indicates that high-speed wireless transmission WiFi has been popularized in families, and high-speed WiFi can bring more possibilities for wireless entertainment in families.
                The function of the WiFi radio frequency amplifier chip is to amplify the radio frequency signal, which is a power amplifier applied to the wireless LAN transmitting system. Wi-fi RF front-end chip determines the RF performance of the product. Choosing PA, LNA, RF Switch and other chips with excellent performance can make the whole machine with excellent RF performance and more smooth communication. The PA, LNA, SW and FEM series of products developed by the company for WIFI devices provide integrated chip solutions for the transmitting and receiving functions of wifi802.11n /11AC. The series of chips have obvious characteristics and advantages such as high linearity, high power and high efficiency, and their performance indexes are comparable with similar foreign products.
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